Tonight it does, Leo. The Super Blue Blood Moon lunar eclipse in your sign is about to rock your world. Have the past six months felt kinda like you’ve been trying to SoulCycle in quicksand? Think back to August 7, 2017: What the fuck were you going through? Lunar eclipses bring closure and powerful transformations. Whether you’re ready for it or not. Consider this eclipse a time to close a chapter from a bad breakup or finish up an undone project. Could be a sign from above to quit wasting your money on another g-damn pair of jeans and buy the other two tires for your car that you were supposed to replace six months ago. Whatever it may be, you’ll wake up tomorrow basking in renewed energy and ready to take a step forward with your whole, gigantic heart intact. Throw “Closing Time” on your Spotify and get it, bb. 2018’s coming for ya and shifting your energy to focus on the truest needs for your highest self. Set your intentions and put your bomb-ass self first.


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