The Lion King


Listen up, Aquarius—today’s partial solar eclipse in your sign is here to let you know that a little freedom never hurt anyone. The Jan. 31 lunar eclipse in Leo took a jackhammer to your house of partnerships—dramatic Leo rarely leaves anyone feeling unfazed in its wake. You probably started the month off either putting a ring on it (wild for your independent ass, I know), breaking up, or seriously re-evaluating wtf you’re doing still “talking to” that fuck bae. And while you might feel like you’ve spent the subsequent weeks avoiding its aftershock, today’s partial lunar eclipse is here to remind you that it’s time to refocus on all-things you. This is 2018’s only new moon in Aquarius, so that’s right, you guessed it, set your intentions and plant those seeds. You’re always the one with the million-dollar ideas, so it’s time to follow through. You think you can actually outsmart Instagram’s latest dumbass algorithm? Put your plan in practice, and an Instagram star will be born. The stars have aligned for your success. Whatever you manifest will come to fruition on the corresponding full moon in Aquarius on July 27. Quit daydreaming and make shit happen.


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