I know, I up and left on you. I’ll make my plea for forgiveness brief: I left many of you in a bind, fending for yourself against the planetary rotations, trines, and squares that 2016 and 2017 delivered. I’m not sure if a two-year break can technically count as a hiatus, but I do have somewhere to place the blame: Saturn in Sagittarius. The tour started in September 2015, and like many of you, I was feeling optimistic about my fellow fire-sign taking over ever-so-serious Capricorn’s ruling planet. But as the dueling elements settled into place, I found myself and my priorities awash.

I won’t place all the blame on Saturn–I’ll own it. Life got in the way, and I lost a part of myself. And with that confusing loss that snuck up on me like two and half shots of tequila, a darkened hollowed place followed. But it takes darkness to recognize the value of light, right? After drudging through the mud and ignoring every single sign ever from the Powers That Be, I finally decided to make some changes. For who? For me. So here I am–doing things for myself that I love. Because I love myself. (Not the most inconceivable admission as a Leo stellium, but nevertheless important to state in writing every now and then.)

In December 2017 Saturn finally left Sagittarius and entered its ruling sign, Capricorn. It’s here to stay until December 2020, planted firmly in my sixth house of health, organization, and, you guessed it, work. Sexy, right? And with that harmonic shift, in addition to the changes I’d already implemented in my life, I began to feel whole again. And recognize what actually matters. What deserves your time. Who deserves your energy. (Spoiler alert: That’s where you come in my dear, loyal readers.)

We make life so complicated, but really it’s simple: We aren’t here long. Make choices that lead you to be your best self. Surround yourself with people who fill you up, make you laugh. Leave this place better than you found it. Go places that take your breath away. Do something nice for a stranger every day. Write that painfully cheesy blog post.

Four paragraphs later and all I’ve really meant to say is this: I’m back. Here to stay. Promise. And I’ve missed you dearly.


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