Listen up you over-analyzing pieces—today’s your day. There’s been so much action with la luna lately that it’s hard to keep up. Let’s start here: March is bookended by two full moons—holy hell will the revelations ever quit coming?! We saw a lunar eclipse in Leo at the tailend of January and a partial solar eclipse in mid-February, which probably brought with it a carry-on bag full of worries and anxieties. But change is GOOD, dear earthly one. And now is the time to look back at the intentions you set around your birthday of last year. Remember: It’s time to make some money moves—whatever you’ve been sending out into the unpredictable universe is headed back your way tendfold. Want a promotion? Check. Want Trader Joe’s to bring back those decadent holiday chocolate truffles? Consider it done. Take this time to reflect internally, listen to your inner wisdom, and then put your energy, love and/or passion projects out into the universe. Let’s face it: after all those late nights at work sorting through spreadsheets and folding your friend’s laundry during a ladies night, you deserve it.


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