Aquarius Bob Marley singing

April 7: Venus Saturn trine

Is that tension in the air, Aquarius? Not all tension is bad. Some subjects are tough to broach, but that doesn’t mean that amazing and healing transformations can’t come with them. Have that conversation you’ve been putting off, the stars are on your side to bring a positive resolution for all parties involved.

April 15: Aries new moon

It’s time to put your feelers out there! If you feel like you’re truly ready for the next phase of your life, then make it happen! You should know that nothing is predictable, and the universe is bringing you this new moon to reinvigorate that ethos in your life. Daydream no more, take steps toward a career-oriented goal.

April 17:Venus Jupiter opposition

You may be in a party of two, Aquarius, but someone in that relationship is a Stage Five Clinger. Balance is off. It’s not fair, for either of you. Take time to discuss boundaries and expectations with your bae today. It will light a path for a stronger and healthier future.

April 25: Mercury Saturn square

Guess who wants to hear from you, today? No one! Not trying to single you out here, in fact, across the board every sign would benefit from keeping their thoughts to themselves. No need to panic, just save that elevator pitch for early May.

April 29: Scorpio full moon

Are you jonesin’ for a promotion? Guess who agrees? Your boss! If you’re interested in taking a larger role at work, yell it from the mountain top. This full moon is lighting up the career sector of your chart and wants you to get the title you truly deserve at work!


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