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April 7: Venus Saturn trine

Snuggie, party of two. You’re actually ready to let someone in, Libra! Look at you. Might finally be time to give bae a key to your place. Chances are you’ve put him or her through the ringer. The stars have aligned to say: It’s been two years, this one’s a safe bet.

  • April 15: Aries new moon

Life’s better when you’re in love, Libra! That’s no surprise for your extra romantic ass, but this new moon ushers in a time for re-energizing those flames. Start thinking longterm with some intention setting. Where would you and bae like to be within the next six months?

  • April 17: Venus Jupiter opposition

Single Librans beware: You’ve got a handful of secret admirers headed straight to your DMs. It’s no secret that you’re gorgeous and turn heads, but it looks like your recently suggestive Instagram posts have had a lot of people looking. And hoping. If you’re not on the market, it might be time to make a public declaration of your love for bae.

  • April 25: Mercury Saturn square

Quit it with the people pleasing! There’s only so much of this a human can handleyes, you want to be loved by everyone. But guess what: The balance in the world will carry on just fine. Even if you tell your coworker you’d rather not grab drinks after work.

  • April 29: Scorpio full moon

Ask for help! You can’t be expected to keep everything afloat. There’s a lot going on at work, in your personal life, at home. Make the executive decision to get organized today. This new moon will bring some endings, so it’s best if you’ve done a little preliminary legwork.


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