Pisces Rihanna being a queen

April 7: Venus Saturn trine

Romance is fueled by passion, isn’t is Pisces? Well, it can be. Today, though, I’m going to have to encourage you soulful sign to put your emotions in check. Bae knows how you feel . . . all the time. But are you offering up the same amount of respect that you are demanding from your partner? Take a look at the balance in your relationship today. Adjust accordingly.

April 15: Aries new moon

Dream big, dear fish! Today’s the day to ask for what you really want when it comes to your career. Been hoping for a raise? Don’t just wait aroundask for one. This new moon is on your side to beef up your bank account.

April 17:Venus Jupiter opposition

Pipe down Pisces! You might have made big plans today to finally talk to bae about how much it irritates you that he or she doesn’t write songs about you anymore. Any message you’re hoping to deliver is likely to be received with some static confusion. Put off having a tough convo for a day or two if you can manage.

April 25: Mercury Saturn square

Are you addicted to fighting words lately, Pisces? The times have been tough, sure, but this square is here to amplify any emotional outburst you may have been harboring. If feelings are bubbling to the surface, you might want to carve out some “me” time to draft a gratitude list. Try to channel all the posi-vibes you can.

April 29: Scorpio full moon

Dive deep, Pisces! This full moon is in your ninth house of expansion, which will have you yearning to grow psychologically and spiritually in any way possible. Sure, you like to try anyone at least once, but I’d maybe do a bit more research before attending your first Scientology meeting.


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