Sagittarius Taylor Swift on tour

April 7: Venus Saturn trine

Serious Saturn is trying to reign in your  free-loving spirit today, Sagittarius. While handing out love for free can only bring more love into your life, it’s time to start thinking about longterm plans. If you’re shacked up: Take about next steps. If you’re single: Quit going for fuck boys, it’s time to prioritize what you actually want in a mate.

April 15: Aries new moon

Did someone say fifth house? That’s right: Your passionate house of all-things romance is centerstage today with the new moon. You might feel more inclined to wear your heart on your sleeve, profess your feelings for a potential mate, or find yourself ready to start a family. You’ve got six months to figure it out. Ready, set, go!

April 17: Venus Jupiter opposition

If you’ve been stress stalking your new beau’s Instagram on the regular, Sagittarius, it’s time to give it a break. Let’s be productive about this. If you’re uncertain if you can trust a new special someone in your life, just ask. Confrontation can sometimes be the best medicine, right? Well, in your world it can.

April 25: Mercury Saturn square

Consider today the scrambled eggs of communication. Today’s not a good day to: give a presentation, pitch your boss on a new work schedule, express yourself, and, er, well even talk. Keep to yourself and reschedule any desire to bear to your soul.

April 29: Scorpio full moon

I’m so proud of you, Sagittarius! This full moon takes place in your twelfth house of healing and closure. It’s time to let go of any behaviors or thinking patterns that are holding you back. It’s your life, and anything truly is possible. Where do you want to be? Out with the old and make of list of the new.


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