Scorpio Kris Jenner crying

April 7: Venus Saturn trine

Possessive, party of one, Scorpio! Hey, listen, being possessive isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s cute. (As long as you don’t get angry.) Today you’re bound to get a little worked up over your relationship status. Having casual sex? Not a good idea. Ready to tell beau you want to move in together? Go for it.

April 15: Aries new moon

Look, if you shared a business idea to a certain someone at a networking event, it’s likely he or she is trying to work their way into your plan. That may be good, with this new moon lighting up your house of partnerships, but it could also lead to some dead weight. Go with your gut.

April 17: Venus Pluto trine

Wow, I bet you didn’t expect to stay up all night discussing the intricacies of the universe last night, huh? Well, when you add Pluto to the mix, it just makes sense. Today’s a day for digging deepno topic is off limits.

April 25: Mercury Saturn square

Hold the phone, did someone just tell you “no,” Scorpio? I know this doesn’t sit too well with you. Especially considering how much time you’ve already invested in an upcoming project. Roadblocks happen for a reason, usually to get up to see the situation from another perspective. Take a deep breath and refresh your outlook.

April 29: Scorpio full moon

Cha-ching! You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with this lunar lift. A project might get financed, you might get a raise, or your best friend from college might finally pay you back when you covered his or her rent. Squander that cash while you can!


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