Aries Kourtney Kardashian at a press event

April 7: Venus Saturn trine

Game, set, match! This delicious trine has got two things on your mind: love and stability. Coupled Aries: It’s the perfect star map to profess some of your longterm plans to your beloved. Sure you’re impulsive, but letting bae know that you’ve got them worked into your sometimes, er, thoughtless decisions, will mean the world to him or her. Single Aries: Fight fire with fire–spend that extra 15 minutes getting ready in the morning and make an effort to go out and mingle. A sensual soul connection might be just one table over at your local coffee shop.

April 15: Aries new moon

Instant gratification is your thing, I gotchu. But this new moon brings longterm vibes: six months to be exact. It’s intention-setting time and I’ll be damned if you, even for a second, try to say you don’t already know what you want. So, now’s your chance to actually make it happen! The power of manifestation in unreal, all you have to do is ask. This time around: make sure to focus on professional aspirations and matters near and dear to your heart.

April 17: Venus Jupiter opposition

Yeah, those Uggs on sale at Nordstrom Rack are super cute. But let’s be real: It’s spring. What the fuck do you need a pair of Uggs for right now? The planetary hiccup has the planets delivering one crystal clear message: Quit overspending. You know what goes hand-in-hand with overspending? Impetuous decisions. Sounds familiar?

April 25: Mercury Saturn square

Tension is in the air! But with tension comes the opportunity for growth. Use this planetary showdown as a time to think before you speak and delve deeper into work-related projects. I’m sure you think you  have all the right answers already on the tip of your tongue, but a little more research could be a game changer for your next departmental presentation. You don’t always have to have the answer, and most shocking of all: It’s OK to say “I don’t know” as long as you do the follow-up to find out.

April 29: Scorpio full moon

It’s about to get real sensual up in here, Aries! Have you been crushing on a coworker or engaging in night-and-day witty banter with a potential beau? The stars sure say so. I’ll cut to the chase: If you’re trying to get laid, today’s your day. Dress to the nines and ask out your crush.


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