Cancer Ariana Grande being a diva

April 7: Venus Saturn trine

Who doesn’t like hot ‘n’ heavy? While there should be a hint of passion in any romantic relationship, let’s not forget the crux of any stable relationship: friendship. It’s likely you’ve spent so much time bumping uglies with a new bae that you’ve forgotten to see if you have anything in common. Try making plans outside of the bedroom. Single crabs: Search your inner circle for a soulmate, try un-friend zoning someone, could just be a life changer.

April 15: Aries new moon

Hello, promotion! If you didn’t officially receive a promotion with the new moon, it’s likely the VIPs at your company are spending their lunch breaks whispering about your potential. Make a plan, write it down and manifest your little crabby heart out. Also: keep the complaining to a minimum. The CEO will have a watchful eye on your potential over the next six months. Could be the big break you’ve been waiting for!

April 17: Venus Jupiter opposition

Talk about hot and cold, Cancer. One minute you want bae to keep your favorite sweatshirt and spoon you all night long. The next: You’re practically begging he or she loses your number. Today is not a date to make any significant romantic decision. There’s tension in the air for sure, and it’s not sexual tension. This isn’t a problem that can be fixed by kissing and making up. Spend some time alone.

April 25: Mercury Saturn square

It might start to feel like you’re trying to roller skate in quicksand, Cancer. Or like you’re in the movie Saw. Someone on your team is out to get you. If you’re a part of a group presentation, just make sure you’ve rehearsed and prepared as best you can. That lazy coworker who has been texting during all of your ad-hoc groups, might just try to swoop in and take credit for your million-dollar ideas.

April 29: Scorpio full moon

Get your ass to CVS now , Cancer! You’re going to want to stock up on as many tissues as possible. This full moon, in fellow emotional-ass water sign Scorpio, will have you letting everyone you encounter know how you really feel. From coworkers to family to significant others, no one will be able to escape the sight of your sobbing. Let it out, it’s healthy to cry.


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