Cancer Ariana Grande being a diva

May 7: Mercury-Pluto square

I’m giving you as much of a head’s up as I can, Cancer. Prepare to be put on the spot! You might find yourself in the middle of an impromptu meeting with the CEO. It’s likely not going to be the easiest meeting to be a part of, with this square tension and power-hungry Pluto. Your boss might ask for your opinions on a certain matter close to the CEO’s heart. Answer tactfully.

May 15: Taurus new moon

Ah the power of collaboration, Cancer. Use these moonbeams to lean on your friends at work. It’s likely your boss might add you to an ad hoc group. Sure, it’s more responsibility, but consider it a compliment. Also take the time to bond and bounce ideas off of your favorite coworkers. I can smell a promotion in the near future.

May 19: Venus in Cancer

Hello, hottie! Love is in the air and it’s in your sign. If you’ve been tired of feeling like your love life’s been a little too dormant recently, things are about to speed up. You’re a catch and it’s likely everyone and their mom will let you know for the next few weeks. Go out and hit the town. Make sure you have enough storage in your phone to save all those new numbers.

May 25: Jupiter-Neptune trine

Ah, romance! One of your favorite things, Cancer! This celestial syncing will have you fantasizing about your romantic life, new or old. If you’re attached: Consider it a cosmic reboot. Daydreaming will take up the majority of your time today. That’s alright for the most part, but try your hardest to stay a little grounded in reality.

May 29: Sagittarius full moon

How’s work been going, Cancer? Any processes or people you need to weed out? Now’s the time to re-evaluate your daily routine. If you’ve been gossiping a little too much with that new teammate in the ad department, maybe slow your roll. Anything that isn’t serving your best and highest interests should be reworked. Nose to the pavement!


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