Sagittarius Taylor Swift on tour

May 7: Mercury-Pluto square

You’re always one to speak your mind, dear Sagittarius. And while that’s usually great, today’s square has regret written all over it. If you’re going off in a group text thread, just know whoever you’re texting with can take screenshots. It’s a great day to avoid gossip and pray to the powers that be that you don’t word vomit in front of your boss or CEO.

May 15: Taurus new moon

Things getting a little stale? You’re always down for a little refresh! Use these moonbeams to revamp your daily routines. If you’re starting to get bored, find something to switch up. New workout class? New dating app? The world is your oyster!

May 19: Venus in Cancer

Sentimental Cancer and Venus in your eighth house of intimacy are here to have you feeling all the feels. You’re characteristically free-loving sign might be ready to settle down with a potential bae. One thing’s for sure: Things are about to get hot and heavy. Go with the flow and give into your feelings, it’s OK to commit, as long as you still carve out your solo time.

May 25: Jupiter-Neptune trine

Found a dream apartment? Is your sister pregnant? Some exciting news is headed your way with this divine trine. The stars will bring nothing but the most posi vibes (something your sign is known for), so whatever home/family-related news comes your way expect it to be a blessing from above!

May 29: Sagittarius full moon

Time to dream biglike anything has ever stopped you before, Sagittarius! The once-a-year lunar lift in your sign is here to help you manifest your truest desires. Consider it a cosmic reboot in all areas of your life. A new phase. A new chapter. Where do you want to be in six months? What’s lacking from your life now? Release what’s no longer serving you, and make way for the new.


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