Scorpio Kris Jenner crying

May 7: Mercury-Pluto square

Feeling in charge, Scorpio? Well, when aren’t you, really. Today, though, your detail-oriented nature will come in handy at work. We’ve got some tension, caused by your ruling planet Pluto. This square could cause a minor scuffle in the work place, so if you know you’ve done the job right, back it up with some evidence.

May 15: Taurus new moon

Hello team work! All things partnership come bubbling to the surface during this new moon. A few relationships to ruminate on: bae (obviously) and close work collaborators. In a new gig? Selecting the right work wife might actually work wonders for your career. A blossoming friendship could turn into a huge business deal.

May 19: Venus in Cancer

You’re mind is about to be blown, Scorpio! Prepare to throw on a pair of rose-colored glasses and starting looking at love with a new perspective. Venus lands in your expansive ninth house, leaving you with the feeling that anything is worth a try. Meet someone who’s not typically your type? If you’re drawn to him or her, it could be for a reason.

May 25: Jupiter-Neptune trine

Don’t be afraid to voice how you really feel, dear Scorpio. You’ve got deep, passionate feelings that sometimes can be a little much for the average person. But with this starry lineup, your significant other is ready to hear what you’ve got to say. It’ll likely result in a firework reaction that might take a casual relationship to the next level. Go with your heart!

May 29: Sagittarius full moon

Dolla dolla bills, y’all! Get ready to laugh all the way to the bank. If you’ve been working on a freelance project, it looks like you’re finally about to see some financial reward. These moonbeams are here to remind you of a job well done! Hard work pays off, so treat yourself this weekend.


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