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May 7: Mercury-Pluto square

Is someone out to get you, Taurus? Could be. Your third eye might be tingling when it comes to a certain colleague at work. Whether you’re onto something or not, this is not a day to pick fights. The best way to let the air clear is to keep your head down and focus on the task at hand. Resist every urge to send a passive aggressive email.

May 15: Taurus new moon

Time to put No. 1 first, Taurus! This new moon lands in your first house of self, beginnings and identity. If you’re ready to re-evaluate your priorities, you’re right on track. Take a deeper look at where you’ve been, how you got here, and where you’d like to be. What’s missing from your life? Time to ask the universe for it. Free delivery!

May 19: Venus in Cancer

Friendzone no more, dear bull! With Venus landing in your third house of friendship and communication you might start seeing a good pal in a whole new light. Love will come from socializingso don’t rule anyone out just yet. A friend of a friend could have you hearing wedding bells.

May 25: Jupiter-Neptune trine

Are you ready to jump off the deep end, Taurus? While it’s fun to fantasize about grand plans and romantic getaways under these celestially delicious stars, it’s best to keep a dose of practicality in your itinerary. Use this day as a springboard to plan longterm plans with bae, but don’t buy that vacation package just yet.

May 29: Sagittarius full moon

It’s no secret that you typically have a tough time sharing how you really feel. Prep yourselfwith this full moon highlighting your eighth house of intimacy and seduction, you might start to feel like you’re living in The Notebook. It’s OK to give into a little passion, let loose and enjoy the erotic ride.


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