May 7: Mercury-Pluto square

Honesty is the best policy is your motto, Virgo. And while that’s really admirable, you might find someone in your work place who literally doesn’t give af. Power struggles could ignite over what’s the right thing to do vs. what’s the easiest. Choose your words tactfully so you don’t isolate yourself once this tense square has passed.

May 15: Taurus new moon

New moon, new you, Virgo! Get outta town if you want, plan a trip, or revamp your routine. Consider the deeper questions: How do you want to spend your time? Is your job truly fulfilling? Spending the evening with a journal and writing down what your thankful for could go a long way.

May 19: Venus in Cancer

Ready to find love online? Venus is Cancer lands in your 11th house of technology and friendship. Single: You’ll probably finally swipe on a viable mate. Attached: Use Cancer’s sentimental vibes to deepen your friendship with bae. The secret to longlasting love is friendship, after all.

May 25: Jupiter-Neptune trine

The planets have aligned to support your every whim. Jupiter is ruled by the ninth house and Sagittarius, so any far-flung travels aspirations you might be harboring will be hard to ignore. Start watching travel trips on TravelZoo. You might find yourself halfway across the world within the next few months.

May 29: Sagittarius full moon

Home is where the heart is, and with this full moon, maybe a little drama, too. Sagittarius is known for being outspoken and full of life, and while the placement of this moon lands in your sleepy fourth house this combo could herald large news. Moving? Maybe. Baby? Possibly. Prepare for your domestic life to take a U-turn.


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