Nicki Minaj and Bella Hadid at the 2018 Met Gala

It’s that time of year againthe Met Gala, a time when the stars either play it unbelievably safe or channel Neptune’s deepest dreamy depths in outfit form, sent here straight from another dimension. This year’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies”which left me feeling like it’d be ridiculous not to do an astrological recap of the fashion industry’s ~klassy~ prom night.

I’ll only be highlighting two leading ladies: Nicki Minaj and Bella Hadid. While many attendees decided on a holier look that channeled the angelic realm, both of these ladies looks led me straight to temptation. Whether it was a play on one of the seven deadly sins or not, it’s no secret that their innate seductive twist on the theme slayed the red carpet. Let’s look to the stars to see what had this pair looking their fiercest on May 7.

Nicki Minaj rundown: Aquarius rising, Sagittarius sun, Virgo moon, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Sagittarius, and Mars in Capricorn

Bella Hadid basics: Libra sun, Virgo moon, Mercury in Libra, Venus in Virgo, and Mars in Leo

What the eff does it all mean? For Minaj, she had a few celestial advantages on Monday’s night outMercury is in Aries right now, and Mercury being the planet that rules communication just about trines every major planet in her chart. She had a message to deliver and the stars aligned to consider it sent. Her Sun, Mercury and Venus in fire signs all added fuel to this smokin’ hot look.

Baby Bellait should first be noted that I’m beyond biased. She’s goals. But dear Bella has a Virgo streak in her chart, both in her Moon and Venus (omgz, same). Just about every planet and its mom is in Capricorn right now: Mars, Saturn and Plutoall taking a restrictive tour through our starry map as I write this. With Virgo in Venus, the planet that rules all-things beauty and love, that forms a direct trine to our Capricorn-filled starmap. Mars is a planet of aggressiveness, action, and, sexuality. With it in Capricorn, while it may be more tame, Bella’s Venus in Virgo found the perfect way to hit a bull’s eye. The perfect yin and yang balance, and outfit execution.

For some other noteworthy fierce looks not to be excluded from this narrative, see below.


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