Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson


If we could only give you one solid piece of advice: The stars are aligning to deliver a message that Tristan is most likely destined to cheat again. You’re most likely on a forgiveness rampage. Why? Well, Venus is gearing up to enter Cancer, which lives in your fifth house of romance, passion, and children, gurl. You just had a baby with this man, and he’s hot af, let’s not lie. You’re dying to sweep this under the run and let your Cancerian ways play house and make it work. I like you, gurl, and I want to give you the benefit of the doubt in this situation, because let’s face it, as a Cancer dominant, you should have some sixth sense insight.

But let’s be practical here for a minute: He hasn’t even hit his Saturn returnlongterm means nothing to this young pup. As for monogamy, gurl his Venus is in Aries and his moon in is Aquarius. You’d have better luck trying to catch a Mewtwo with a Level 1 Pikachu. Y’all most likely have an instant ease and emotional connection because your Libra moon trines his flighty-ass moon sign, but that isn’t necessarily an equation for everlasting love. He needs time to sow his wild seeds, even though, er, he’s done that twice already.

Wish I had better news. I’m certain this reunion will be eye-opening, and eventually your strong sixth sense will lead you to make the right decision for you and your bb.




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