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Transit Changes

  • Mercury: The planet of communication leaves aggressive Aries and enters grounded Taurus on May 13. In general, communication should be less aggressive, maybe expect some less word-vomittingoversharing and underthinking. You’ll be more thoughtful about what you say before you say it.
  • Mars: The passionate planet of all-things sexy departs restrictive Capricorn and enters unpredictable Aquarius on May 15. Gear up for a radical shift: Aquarius is all about freedom, experimentation, and innovation. You might find yourself approaching quarrels in new and usual ways, or giving some kinkier things a try behind closed doors.
  • Uranus: The planet of surprises leaves impetuous Aries and makes a pitstop in practical Taurus on May 15. Innovative and free-thinking, Uranus wants you to give something new a try! But it’s making a tour through reserved Taurus, which might have you approaching old habits with a cautiously new approach.

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