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Transit Changes

  • Venus: Grab your box of tissues and start binging This Is Us. The planet of love makes her way through intuitive and sensitive af Cancer until June 13. Cancer’s ruled by the moon, so consider this the perfect time to let down your guard and embrace your shadow side. It’s also insanely family-oriented, so of you guys might have babies on the brain, or be looking at upgrading your living situation. One thing’s for sure. So many feelings. Ride the wave, it’s best not to resist it.
  • Mercury: Word vomit, party of one! Everyone’s favorite communication planet starts its tour through outspoken and intellectual Gemini on May 29. Friendship is in the air, if you’ve been prioritizing anything but your friends, make an effort to make plans. Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet, so we all might find it just a little bit easier to speak what’s on our mind. But we also might speak without thinking. Double-edge sword.

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