June 12: Mercury in Cancer

Make sure you have a pack of post-its with you at all times, Cancer! Chatty Mercury in your sign will have you full of nonstop ideas, and good ones at that. You’ve got the gift of gab on your side for the next few weeks so speak what’s on your mind!

June 13: Gemini New Moon

In the immortal words of one of my favorite 90s boy bands: “bye bye bye,” Cancer. Prep yourself for a time of powerful and possibly painful healing. What do you need to let go of? A fresh start is just around the corner, but you’ve got to give into these uncomfortable moonbeams and reel for a bit. Sit with your pain, and then learn from it.

June 21: Venus-Mars Opposition

Are things with bae feeling a little off, Cancer? Blame the planets, not your partner! If you’ve been feeling like things at home have been a little off balance, that’s probably because Venus is planted in your 12th house of endings and closure while Mars is touring through your intimate eighth house. AKA tensions are high. Try to make it through the day without saying something you’ll regret later.

June 26: Mars Retrograde

Are you ready for some Real Housewives-level type of drama? Mars is gearing up to retrograde through your seventh house of committed partnerships. Old exes might pop upyou might find yourself inexplicably jealous. Fighting words will come a little bit too naturally to you.

June 28: Capricorn Full Moon

Someone’s try to lock you down, Cancer! I mean, this full moon lands in your seventh house of committed partnerships. While your sentimental side will be all about embracing a budding, loving relationship, make sure you take the time to ask the serious questions. Does this have longterm potential?


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