June 12: Mercury in Cancer

You’ve been working on overdrive, Leo, and it’s time to give in to your restful 12th house. The next few weeks will have you in a more whimsy mood, bursting with creativity and probably looking deep within the cosmos for answers. A modern day Miss Cleo.

June 13: Gemini New Moon

Trying to make it big, Leo? The new moon makes a pitstop in your collaborative 11th house, meaning one thing: You’re about to get by with a little help from your friends. If you’re hoping to take a passion project off the ground, reach out to your contacts and connect. Eleventh house also rules technology, so you might be surprised who you find on your followers list on IG.

June 21: Venus-Mars Opposition

Keep your mutha fuckin’ cool, Leo. Today’s opposition is literally your nightmare for your nearest and dearest. The love planets are facing off and Venus is in your sign, while Mars lands in your seventh house of committed partnerships. If someone’s driving you beyond insane, it’s best not to make any rash decisions under these passionate stars.

June 26: Mars Retrograde

Mars is in your partnerships zone, and it’s taking a time out. If you’ve rushed forward into a duo without weighing all the pros and cons, the stars are asking you to do a double take. It’s also a time to reflect and refine. Work through some shit with bae, and by the end of retrograde, you’ll both be thankful.

June 28: Capricorn Full Moon

Did your CEO just send out an email praising all your hard work, Leo? It’s about time! If an email didn’t land in your inbox, this full moon might be about developing healthy habits for you. A new workout routine might lead to some seriously dope washboard abs.


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