June 12: Mercury in Cancer

Longterm on your mind, Libra? When the communication planet lands in your tenth house, you’ll find yourself eager to tackle some visionary longterm goals.

June 13: Gemini New Moon

Get ready to dive deep, Libra! Has a new subject caught all of your attention? The new moon lands in your expansive ninth house of travel, entrepreneurship and philosophy. You might find yourself checking out every single book the library has to offer on a specific topic, or taking a mini vacation to check off the next place on your bucket list.

June 21: Venus-Mars Opposition

Push and pull! This fiesty face-off will have you wondering which direction your love life is headed. Drama is in air, so before you throw around fighting words or text an ex, pause and reflect.

June 26: Mars Retrograde

Sexy Mars is taking a backspin through your 12th house of closure, rest, and illusion. Some things just look better with rose-colored glasses, right? You’ll find yourself going through periods of feeling like you and bae have got this on lock, and then moments of wishing he or she blocked your number. Taking time to really reflect and work through the fog could bring a huge wake-up call.

June 28: Capricorn Full Moon

Feeling sentimental, Libra? The full moon lands in your domestic fourth house, and will have family at the forefront of your mind. You could start carving out a little more time to visit your annoying af great-aunt, or you might consider moving. Either way, keep some tissues nearby, nostalgia on fleek.


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