June 12: Mercury in Cancer

Word vomit 101, Sagittarius! Your eighth house of intimate hidden secrets is about to become your favorite water cooler topic. If you’ve had anything brewing under the surfacefeelings for a certain someone, disdain for a certain coworkeryou’re basically about to shout about it from the mountain tops.

June 13: Gemini New Moon

I’m not saying marry the next person you swipe right on, Sagittarius, but what I am saying is that a serious relationship is about to enter your radar. If you’ve finally started feeling a little tired of flying solo, the next sixth months could bring someone with serious longterm bae potential. The new moon has your seventh house of committed partnerships lit af.

June 21: Venus-Mars Opposition

Someone’s been telling you everything you want to hear, that’s for sure. The two love planets are at odds in your third house of communication and fifth house of flirty drama. If a text exchange is heating up, don’t start listening for wedding bells just yet.

June 26: Mars Retrograde

We know you love to share your opinion. This is pretty great most of the time, I’m not going to lie. Otherwise, who else would speak at those awkward work functions? But when Mars retrogrades through your third house of communication, you might find yourself aggressively asserting your voice into conversations you aren’t really apart of.

June 28: Capricorn Full Moon

New job, new you, Sagittarius? This full moon lands in your second house of dolla dolla bills. If you’re hoping to make a little more bang for your buck at work, you could find yourself with a new gig in six months or land a huge gig with a massive paycheck.


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