June 12: Mercury in Cancer

Thinking about some deep shit, Scorpio? Mercury works her way into your eighth house of intimacy until June 29, bringing up some deep-seeded feelings and desires. Whatever’s on your mind, now’s the time to get it out.

June 13: Gemini New Moon

Calling all Scorps: We’re about to talk about one of your absolute favorite subjects: s-e-x. Your life’s about to get super steamy when it comes to your relationships. If you’ve been wondering if bae is gunna ever drop down on one knee, this new moon landing in your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources might finally have your beloved popping the question.

June 21: Venus-Mars Opposition

Got work and love on the mind? Well, your bae does. And when the two love planets face off in your house of longterm goals and sentimental fourth house, you might hear some criticisms from the peanut gallery. Not spending enough time at home might be the No. 1 complaint.

June 26: Mars Retrograde

Been repressing something, Scorpio? Mars is planted in your domestic fourth house and as it makes its way backward, a home-related issue could rear its head. If there’s something you haven’t dealt with, this slow down could offer a period of reflection.

June 28: Capricorn Full Moon

Got something you want to broadcast, Scorpio? The full moon lands in your third house of communication. It’s time to hunker down and settle on a message already. If there’s a part of your that’s moving in a new direction and you want to the world to know about it: make an IG post about it already.


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