July 9: Venus in Virgo

Words are worth a million bucks for the next few weeks, Cancer! Whatever you say to bae is going to be taken to heart. The love planet lands in your house of communication, so instead of suffocating bae with your ever-so powerful bear hug, try out some poetry.

July 12: New Moon in Cancer

Today’s, like, more important than your birthday, Cancer! The new moon, your ruling planet, is in your sign and is a partial solar eclipse. It lands in your first house of self. Is there something you’ve been wanting to do for you? What kind of self-care have you been putting off? Spoil yourself today. Take some risks. The stars are on your side.

July 24: Venus-Neptune Opposition

Careful what you say today, Cancer. Venus is in your third house of communication and going up against Neptune in your expansive ninth house. You might have the urge to explore, hit the road and never look back. It’s almost for certain that this message will be received completely the wrong way. If you’re trying to break the news to bae, try to preface it with the news that you’d like him or her to tag along, too.

July 26: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Did you miss your window to ask for a raise, Cancer? The communication planet backspins in your second house of income, meaning a few things. Either you already inked a contract and wish you could have negotiated a little harder, or your finances are about to be out of whack. You might find yourself needing to cut corners this month and focus on saving.

July 27: Full Moon in Aquarius

Life’s about to get a little steamier, Cancer. The total lunar eclipse lands in your intimate eighth house. You’ve either got getting laid on your mind or you’re feeling way overdue for a meaningful conversation full of depth. Why not combine the two? Bae won’t see it coming!


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