July 9: Venus in Virgo

Ready to fall in love overseas, Capricorn? The love planet takes a tour in your expansive ninth house of travel, which could mean a few things. One night stands abroad. Feeling drawn to a potential bae from a different culture or background. Either way: Prepare to explore the unknown.

July 12: New Moon in Cancer

What’s that in the back of your mind? A relationship? Work might finally take a backseat over the next six months. The new moon lands in your seventh house of committed partnerships, and while a change won’t happen overnight, you might find yourself focusing on partnering up. Within six months, you could be saying “I do.”

July 24: Venus-Neptune Opposition

Prepare to be confused, Capricorn. If you just started dating a new leading bae, communication is about to hit a hard stop. You guys might not be on the same page after all. The love planet in your ninth house of expansion and foggy Neptune in your communication sector might have both parties saying some things you both regret.

July 26: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Are you feeling suspicious af, Capricorn? Why is bae always taking his or her phone into the bathroom with them? Why haven’t you met his or her parents yet? The communication planet backspins in your intimate eighth house. Translation: You might find yourself getting jealous and wanting answers and wanting them now. Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you tell everyone.

July 27: Full Moon in Aquarius

Did someone say promotion? The total lunar eclipse lands in your second house of income. If you’ve been working your ass off, but haven’t seen any financial reward for it, now’s the time to collect. You might find yourself hitting a huge work-related milestone. Congrats!


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