July 9: Venus in Virgo

Mmm, you know what’s sexy, Leo? Stability. When the love planet lands in your practical and grounded second house, you’ll be swiping less for hotties and more for longterm potential. Sure, maybe your ex-bae turned heads, but now you’re looking for a bae who doesn’t have ghosting or breadcrumbing in his or her vocabulary.

July 12: New Moon in Cancer

Let. It. Go. Leo! The new moon in Cancer lands in your 12th house of closure, healing and rest. Someone fuck you over and try to shatter your ego into a million pieces? Let it go. These powerful moonbeams will bring about a cathartic and almost instant change in your emotional state. You’re welcome!

July 24: Venus-Neptune Opposition

Just say no, Leo. Foggy Neptune in your eighth house of intimacy might have a usual suspect rearing his or her head back into your life. With Venus pulling in the other direction, it’s likely whoever’s spitting mad game at you actually has no intentions on following through. Words carry no weight without action.

July 26: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

You are chatty af, Leo, but while the communication planet heads backward in your first house of self, it might be time to pipe down and do some deep reflection. Don’t kick off any personal ventures or try to enhance your image during this transit. Save the botox and vampire facials until late August.

July 27: Full Moon in Aquarius

It’s over, Leo! The full moon lands in your seventh house of committed partnerships. That said, I don’t think you should break up with bae just because full moon typically brings endings and closure with it. This could be the end of an unhealthy pattern in your relationship. Two things I do know: Love will be on your mind and these moonbeams will be extra powerful.


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