July 9: Venus in Virgo

Is it love or is it fantasy, Libra? Venus slips into your 12th house of healing, endings and closure. The 12th house is also full of Neptunian influence: fantasy. You might be riding high on cloud nine when you think of bae, but are you being realistic? Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

July 12: New Moon in Cancer

Been wondering if you’re going to get fired soon, Libra? The new moon in your tenth house of longterm goals and work is here to prove otherwise. You’ve got sixth months to reinvent what work means to you. If you’re itching for a fresh start, now’s your chance to make that happen. Start reaching out to contacts.

July 24: Venus-Neptune Opposition

Feeling a little extra emotional, Libra? Venus and Neptune are at odds and your relationship is about to take a hit. Your 12th house of foggy fantasy is battling against your practical sixth house of day-to-day responsibilities. Don’t make any rash decisions today: You won’t be able to see, or feel, clearly for a few days after the fog clears.

July 26: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Watch what you say around your friends, Libra! Mercury goes retrograde in your collaborative 11th house of friendship and teamwork. You might think you’re being clever, but you’re probably just triggering old wounds unconsciously for your nearest and dearest. Try your hardest to think with tact before opening your mouth for the next few weeks.

July 27: Full Moon in Aquarius

Romance literally couldn’t be in the air more, Libra! Your fifth house is lit af. This full moon might bring a true love confession or just a seriously passionate evening with bae. One night stand or not, you’re overdue for a little wooing.


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