July 9: Venus in Virgo

Is it your new concealer or have you been turning heads lately, Virgo? The planet of love works her way into your sign and that means one thing: You’re looking hot af to everyone and anyone. Expect some extra special treatment for the next few weeks, and take advantage of it.

July 12: New Moon in Cancer

Working on a project with some of your favorite work wives, Virgo? You’ve got six months to make shit happen. The new moon lands in your 11th house of teamwork and communication. If you’re already starting to hit the panic button (let’s be real, you are), now’s the time to write an action-oriented list of steps to make shit happen.

July 24: Venus-Neptune Opposition

Oh boy, love’s about to get a little convoluted, Virgo. Venus is in your first house of self and Neptune lands in your intimate eighth house. The planets are opposing each other today, bringing up deep-seeded issues. A romantic partner might trigger some of your deepest childhood wounds. Ouch.

July 26: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

As with most Mercury retrogrades, it’s time to think before you speak. This time, the planet of communication lands in your 12th house of closure, rest, and healing. If you’ve found yourself uncertain about a special someone in your life, now’s the time to reflect on a deeper level. Don’t make any rash decisions under these confusing luminary skies, but think deeply about what you’re really getting from bae.

July 27: Full Moon in Aquarius

Did someone say six pack, Virgo? If you’ve fallen off the workout wagon as of late, now’s the time to hop back on. The full moon lands in your sixth house of day-to-day routines. If working out isn’t on your radar, now’s the time to put some other healthy habits in place. How about putting your phone down at 8pm and leaving it there until the morning?


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