August 6: Venus in Libra

Careful who you lock eyes with, Aries! The planet of love is making her way into your seventh house of committed partnerships. Locking it down with bae is a priorityif you’ve been mingling, under these stars you might find someone with lasting potential. Attached? The next few weeks might have you talking next steps with your beloved.

August 11: New Moon in Leo

Ready for a fresh start? The new moon, as it typically does, ushers in new beginnings. This time it’s in your fifth house of romance, drama and fertility. If your love life has been on the backburner, expect it to finally heat up. New moons are the perfect time to set intentions, ask and you shall receive. Manifest the shit out of your perfect partner, and see what turns up six months from now.

August 12: Mars in Capricorn

Good news: Mars is out of Aquarius, your collaborative section; bad news: It’s still retrograde and now it’s in your 10th house of career and longterm goals. How’s your work-life balance going lately? My guess: Probably not too great. During the next few weeks, work’s likely to get in the way of a few good things during this messy retrograde transit.



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