August 2: Mars-Uranus Square

Someone owe you a bunch of money, Cancer? You might find yourself a little on edge and if bae still hasn’t paid you back for that monthly HBOgo subscription you so kindly put under your name, you might just finally lose your shit. Squares mean tension and we’ve got one on Aug. 2 between erratic Uranus and steadfast Taurus. Carefully craft those fighting words, they might sting a little more intensely during these aggressive moonbeams.

August 11: New Moon in Leo

You know what you’re really worth, Cancer? If you’ve got a raise on your mind, cash in now! The new moon lands in your second house of dolla dolla billas y’all and chances are your boss already knows you’re on your way to ask for a performance review. New moon’s are about manifesting what you want, so while you won’t wake up with an extra grand in your bank account, you sure as hell can ask the universe for it now, and see what comes in the next six months.

August 12: Mars in Capricorn

Do all your exes have some type of radar for when you’ve finally moved on, Cancer? I mean, vibes don’t lie, so kinda. We’ve got Mars retrograding through your seventh house of committed partnerships, which means exes on fleek. Calling, following, texting, DMingthey’ll be coming out of the woodwork. While this might be tempting offer you’ve been waiting years (let’s be real, you don’t let go easy) for, under these stars, it’s likely a load of shit. Best to ignore if possible.



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