August 2: Mars-Uranus Square

Tension heating up in the bedroom, Capricorn? Hate to break it to you, but it’s not sexy tension. Looks like you’ve been spending wayyyy too much time on work again and neglecting bae. During the Mars-Uranus square on Aug. 2, your beloved is likely to reach out with a few complaints. “Pay attention to me;” “why don’t we watch Friends together until we fall asleep anymore?” Try to work on your love/work life balance. Your sex life will appreciate it.

August 11: New Moon in Leo

Ready to let someone in, Capricorn? The new moon lands in your intimate and sexy af eighth house. You might find yourself bonding and verbalizing your deepest and darkest thoughts. What’s more likely: You’ll probably have some bomb sex, develop strong feelings, and keep ’em to yourself.

August 12: Mars in Capricorn

Find yourself strolling down Memory Lane, Capricorn? It’s retrograde season, and guess what: Your sign is getting hit the hardest. Mars re-enters steadfast Capricorn and takes a backspin starting on August 12. You’ve got a month of thinking about exes, buried feelings forcing their way through your icy-cold exterior, and just general confusion. Allowing yourself to feel and giving into deep reflection is the best way to handle retrograde season. It’ll prepare you for a fresh, new chapter.



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