August 2: Mars-Uranus Square

Having another meltdown, Leo? What a twist ending, though. It’s not your faultMars is retrograde in your seventh house of committed partnerships (just for a few more days can you hang?!) and is squaring off against Taurus, in your 10th house of longterm goals. Business partners and baes bewareyou’ve got questions and are prepared to rapid fire. While it’s fair to ask for clarity, demanding it is another thing. If you can resist, leave the drama at home.

August 11: New Moon in Leo

Omg, Leo, if you’ve already celebrated your birthday, get ready for round two! The new moon lands in your sign and is firmly planted in your first house of self, identity and just sheer dopeness. It’s your time to start a celestial new chapter and launch a new venture or put yourself first. Who’s number one? I mean, not like you forgot, but seriously, take some risks for your highest self and see what the fuck unfolds!

August 12: Mars in Capricorn

Feeling overwhelmed, Leo? You’ve got a lot on your plate a work and probably feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions. Mars re-enters Capricorn on August 12 and plants himself firmly in your sixth house of day-to-day routines. You might have felt like you were well-organized and on a path to success, but you’re about to hit a few speedbumps over the next few weeks.



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