August 2: Mars-Uranus Square

Mad at bae, Libra? Oh he or she about to know, though. An intimate conversation you were hoping would open doors is likely to lead to a huge disappointment. Mars is in your fifth house of flirty romance, so it’s likely you’re going to want to express your love, and do so in the most dramatic of ways possible. But Uranus forms a square, and is planted firmly in your intimate eighth house. Careful how much you reveal, today’s not the day for heartfelt confessions.

August 11: New Moon in Leo

You ready for some one-on-one time, Libra? Well, as the new moon lands in your collaborative 11th house, the only one-on-one time you might be having is with your laptop. The 11th house rules groups, causes and technology. If you’re trying to take down Trump, this is your celestial wake-up call. Protest your heart out over the next six months, who knows how much of an impact you’ll make.

August 19: Jupiter-Neptune Trine

Tired of working and not helping, Libra? The August 19 trine between Neptune-Jupiter could bring with it a profession that will allow you to combine the two. Don’t get me wrong: crafting burritos from scratch at Chipotle is a verrrry important job and much appreciated (by many, including myself), but you’re ready to make a difference. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a networking opportunity that could finally connect you with the right contact.



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