August 6: Venus in Libra

Are your feelings hurt, Scorpio? It’s likely someone in your family, or who you consider as family, might have delivered some truth bombs that are still stinging. Aug. 2 isn’t the day to sort this out with the Uranus-Mars square. Family drama will be brewing, and coupled with the tension in the air could make for some seriously awkward family reunions. You might also find yourself wanting to have a more serious talk with bae about expanding your family. Adding mini-yous is real cute and all, but I wouldn’t bring it up today.

August 11: New Moon in Leo

Head down, bank account up, Scorpio. While this isn’t the sexiest of transits, the new moon lands in your tenth house of your career and longterm goals. Have you been hoping to make some more cash, but in a new way? A creative boost from Leo can bring along some innovative money-making schemes into play.

August 19: Jupiter-Neptune Trine

Pain from the past is headed your way, Scorpio! Don’t freakthe August 19 trine between Neptune and Jupiter will bring with it some epic healing vibes. If you’ve been obsessing over a personal problem and felt like you’re at an impasse, these starry skies might finally give you an “ah-hah” moment on how to proceed. Spoiler alert: A little communication goes a long way. Let others in on how you’ve really been feeling.


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