August 2: Mars-Uranus Square

Someone tryna tell you what to do, Taurus? That’s the last thing your stubborn-ass is interested in. Unfortunately with Uranus in your sign squaring off against Mars in Aquarius on Aug. 2, you might find yourself the victim of unsolicited advice. Chances are it’s coming from an “older, wiser” person in your life who “just wants to help.” There will be tension in the air, so even if the intent is pure, your reaction might be volatile. Cut the person some slack, he or she is probably just looking out for your best interests.

August 11: New Moon in Leo

Buy, sell, rent, live out of a van, Taurus? If you’ve been considering the idea of a new humble abode, the new moon in Leo might be just that extra added push to propel you in the right direction. The moon lands in your fourth house of home, family and domestic shit. If relocating isn’t on the forefront of your mind, your family certainly is. You might find yourself re-evaluating some of your closet relationships and their impact on you.

August 19: Jupiter-Neptune Trine

Whoa, are you a modern day Nicholas Sparks or what, Taurus? On August 19 we’ve got a supercharged romantic trine between Jupiter and Neptune. Translation: Expansive and healing romance that brings with it a dash of rose-colored goggles. Someone might trigger your Grinch-sized heart to grow a few sizes, but under these hazy lovebeams, remember to ask yourself the practical questions: Does this have longterm potential? Do you really even like the same shows on Netflix?



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