Leona Moon, as some of you might have guessed, is not my real name.

Although my sweet mother is a hippie-ass double Libra, and despite the fact that I entered this world as a cult baby and also used to call a tree house my home (literally I lived in a tree), my real name is actually painfully mediocre. But when I decided to venture down this celestially lit pathway into the deeper realms of astrology, I was working as a staff writer at a local newspaper.


My editors at the time, an ever-so creative Pisces and a practically grounded Taurus, advised that I use a pseudonym. Something about keeping my name anonymous so that our readers would continue to take me seriously. Totally absurd, right? Channeling all the Virgo I have in my chart, I agreed to proceed with caution. And after much deliberation, the three of us arrived at a final designation: Leona Moon. Why Leona Moon? It’s fairly simple, and unabashedly creative: I have way too much Leo in my chart.

And while my namesake might have been conceived on a bed of lies, I assure you that my love for the cosmos and for throwing every single astrological sign under the bus is nothing but sincere. So, it’s here I’ll take a break from meme-ing my heart out on Instagram to serve up weekly horoscopes–guiding you through some of the most significant milestones of your life, if you’ll have me.

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Leona Moon photos: Torrey Fox Photography; Full Moon and Stars photos: William Mackie.